Saturday, February 27, 2016

Tardis Door

I made our youngest a Tardis door for his bedroom as he is right into Doctor Who - he has also got the rest of us hooked too ;-)

The plan

Positioning the timber on the flush panel door

Glueing and nailing the timber onto the door

Painting the Van Gogh Starry Night

I painted the door in Annie Slone's Napoleonic Blue Chalk Paint. After applying wax I applied some dark wax to grunge it up a bit in the style of the Tenth Doctor's Tardis. I used my vinyl cutter to do the lettering and printed up a sign for the door, attaching it with drawing pins.

Of course he loves his new door and I do too ;-)

Laundry love

I love having a pretty laundry - some people say that a pretty laundry makes the task easier - well I don't know about that - but it is nice to have a room that you use and go through that looks nice.

I decided to make a light fitting using clothes pegs. I used some wire mesh left over from when we made the aviary. I bought a round wire ring from lincraft and attached the two together. Using a lampshade we cut off the top bit and welded it to the top of the fitting. Then it was simply a matter of putting the pegs on and using a batten fix pendant thingie to hang it up. I'm very pleased with how it looks.

Saturday, February 20, 2016


The lakes district

Garden edging done

Excavation and soil moving

Back in November last year we got our act together and started our lawn. We moved a mountain of soil (20 cubic metres) and then planted and watered and watered and watered the seed. 

Not scared at all of the kanga digger thingie

We have some green grass growing

Trying to keep the dogs off the patchy grass

First mow
This is how it's looking now. Pity the dogs' pee is burning it :(

Our summer veggie garden

Our veggie garden has done very well since I lasted posted. We've certainly had a good harvest of zucchinis and tomatoes this summer.

Butternut Pumpkins


Mini Eggplants

Friday, July 3, 2015

Veggie Garden

Love how it has turned out. Not sure if it'll get enough winter sun even though it's on the north side of our house, if not, it'll be a great summer veggie garden anyway!

We used ecowood for the garden beds, a non-toxic treated pine. We lined the bottom of the beds with newspaper that got covered in a layer of straw, dirt and a mix of straw, chicken and alpaca poo went on the top.  We've planted baby beets, broccoli, bok choy, celery, carrots, peas and herbs. 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

On the line

Finally in May… only over 12 months late

But it's sooooo good!

For the birds

We now have a full aviary.  

Living in the bottom of the aviary we have four quail - three girls and a boy.

We bought two adult and several baby budgies. 
Cam successfully bred the two adults and we have two lovely new babies. 
They're extremely ugly when they've first hatched, but after only a few weeks their looks improve.

There's also quite a bit of wild life around here. 

We've had two owls that came visiting for a few weeks, they liked our street sign and lamp post. 
Being at night, it was too hard to get a decent pic. 
But we were able to get up quite close to them.

We've got a family of kookaburras that like to hang around.

We've even had some kangaroos jump through the paddock while we've been eating breaky.

There's the resident town geese that love to create traffic hold ups 
(our town's too small to call them traffic jams)

And then threes been some other not so nice living creatures that we've seen…

She died...